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Industrial, Wholesale and Transportation (M-1)

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Industrial, Wholesale and Transportation (M-1)
Bylaw: Zoning Bylaw, 1850, 1994
Section: 7.13
Category: Industrial
Number of Properties/Folios: 120
Number of Undeveloped Properties:
The number of empty properties is determined by counting all properties within a zone that has no recorded improvement by BC Assessment during the most recent survey.

Please contact City Hall to enquire about a specific property and its status

Primary Uses

means the main purpose for which land, principal uses or principal uses are ordinarily used
Bulk Storage And Sale Of Materials
Equipment Wholesale And Repair
Greenhouse And Nursery
means a land area used for the propagation, growing and storage of trees, shrubs and other plants for transplanting on the same site or for sale
Manufacturing Industry
Monument Include Sales
Processing Industry
Recycling Depot
means an establishment involved in the recycling of post consumer refuse such as glass, paper, cardboard and containers, with most activities carried out in a building but also including outdoor processing and storage. A salvage yard is not a recycling depot
Salvage Yard
means an open area where waste or scrap material, primarily metals, are stored, processed, exchanged or sold
Service Industry
Storage And Sale Of Construction Materials
Storage And Sale Of Feed And Fertilizer
Tire Manufacturing Including Vulcanizing, Sales, Service And Repair
Truck Terminials
Vehicle Sales sales, parts and repair of vehicles
means the disassembly of vehicles, derelict or otherwise, into component parts and the construction, repair and maintenance of ordinary or special status vehicles, but does not include the repair and maintenance of licenced or leased vehicles owned by members of the family
means a device in, on or by which a person or thing is or may be transported or drawn on a highway, except a device designed to be moved by human power or used exclusively on stationary rails or tracks sales, parts and repair of vehicles
Vehicle Wrecking
Warehousing And Cold Storage
Welding, Maching And Repair Shops

Accessory Uses

  1. a use which is accessory use to the accessory use or the use of the accessory use on the same accessory use; or
  2. a use which is accessory use to the accessory use made of the accessory use upon which such accessory use is carried on
Accessory Buildings Or Structures
  1. a detatched building the use or intended use of which is accessory to that of the principal building situated on the same parcel; or
  2. a building which is accessory to a principal use made of the parcel upon which such building is (to be) located
Dwelling Unit to a permitted use, subject to subsection (4)
means a building or portion thereof containing one or more habitable rooms used or intended to be used by a family for living and sleeping purposes and containing sleeping, sanitary facilities and not more than one (1) set of cooking facilities to a permitted use, subject to subsection (4)
Mobile Home to a permitted use, subject to subsection (4)
means any building constructed in accordance with the standards set forth in CAN/CSA Z240 MH Series M86, as amended from time to time, whether ordinarily equipped with wheels or not, that is designed, constructed or manufactured to be moved from one place to another by being towed or carried on its own chassis, and which contains a dwelling unit. A mobile home is not a recreational vehicle. For the purposes of this bylaw, a mobile home also means a manufactured home to a permitted use, subject to subsection (4)
Modular Home to a permitted use, subject to subsection (4)
means a dwelling unit constructed in accordance with the standards set forth in C.S.A. Standard A277 - M1990, as amended from time to time and composed of components substantially assembled in a manufacturing plant and transported to the building site for final assembly on a permanent foundation. A modular home may consist of two sections transported to the site in a manner similar to a mobile home or a series of panels or room sections transported on a truck and erected or joined together on the site to a permitted use, subject to subsection (4)
means a building or part thereof in which goods are offered or kept for sale directly to the public at retail