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Commercial Platzl (CP-1)

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Commercial Platzl (CP-1)
Bylaw: Zoning Bylaw, 1850, 1994
Section: 7.09A
Category: Commercial
Number of Properties/Folios: 51
Number of Undeveloped Properties:
The number of empty properties is determined by counting all properties within a zone that has no recorded improvement by BC Assessment during the most recent survey.

Please contact City Hall to enquire about a specific property and its status

Primary Uses

means the main purpose for which land, principal uses or principal uses are ordinarily used
Art Studio
means a building or structure where paintings, sculptures or other works of art are produced, exhibited, and sold
Boarding And Lodging
means monthly or longer accommodation for not more than two persons who are unrelated to the family residing in a dwelling unit and is limited to bedrooms or sleeping units only
Club Or Lodge
means a building or establishment used by a fraternal or service organization for meetings or social or recreational purposes, including accessory catering to the general public
Commercial School
means a school conducted for gain, other than an academic, religious or philanthropic school, and includes a dance or music school, art school, business school, or driving school
Community Recreation Use
means buildings, structures and open space for the use and entertainment of the community and the general public, and includes parks and playgrounds, campgrounds, fairgrounds and exhibition grounds, arenas, and swimming pools
Dwelling Unit subject to section (7)(a) & (b)
means a building or portion thereof containing one or more habitable rooms used or intended to be used by a family for living and sleeping purposes and containing sleeping, sanitary facilities and not more than one (1) set of cooking facilities subject to section (7)(a) & (b)
Entertainment Facility
means commercial use limited to premises licensed for the sale of alcoholic beverages on the premises
means a building used as a temporary place of lodging containing one or more dormitories and includes common areas for working, cooking, dining and socializing, bathroom, kitchen, dining and social facilities
means a building or part wherein accommodation is provided for the travelling public. Accommodation may be with or without individual cooking facilities. Entrance and exit ways are shared and the building may include public areas such as a lobby, restaurant, assembly, entertainment, convention and recreation facilities
means open space used for recreational purposes or maintained for the use and enjoyment of the public and includes Federal, Provincial, Regional and local parks, ecological, archaelogical and historic sites and includes privately-owned land for use of which no charge is made to the public
Personal Services
means a business catering to the needs of the general public including but not limited to barber shops or beauty salons, dry cleaning, electrical appliance repairs, financial institutions, photography studios, shoe repairs, ticket and travel agencies, insurance agencies, pet shops
Public Utility Use
means a use, including buildings and structures, providing water supply, sewage collection and disposal (excluding sewage treatment plants), electricity, natural gas, telephone, radio and television broadcasting, transmitting and receiving and similar services where such use is established by the City of Kimberley or a company regulated by government utility or communications legislation
Publishing And Printing Industry
means a building where food and beverages are offered for sale to the public for consumption at tables or counters either inside or outside the building on the parcel. As an accessory use, take-out service of food and beverages for off-site consumption may be provided
means a building or part thereof in which goods are offered or kept for sale directly to the public at retail
Social Services
Theatre And Cinema
Tourist Accommodation subject to section (7)(a) & (b)
means a building or portions of a building containing one or more habitable rooms that are used for temporary lodging by visitors where payment for occupancy is on a daily or weekly basis subject to section (7)(a) & (b)

Accessory Uses

  1. a use which is accessory use to the accessory use or the use of the accessory use on the same accessory use; or
  2. a use which is accessory use to the accessory use made of the accessory use upon which such accessory use is carried on
Accessory Buildings Or Structures
  1. a detatched building the use or intended use of which is accessory to that of the principal building situated on the same parcel; or
  2. a building which is accessory to a principal use made of the parcel upon which such building is (to be) located