Official Community Plan

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3.0   Community Priorities

3.1   Our Vision

Kimberley is a unique mountain community that is highly valued by residents and visitors for its strong social networks, vibrant cultural scene, diverse local economy, exceptional recreational amenities, and healthy natural environment.

3.2   Our Priorities

These five overarching priorities help describe our vision and key values to support a successful future for our community:

Enriching Community Life

Kimberley is a safe and welcoming community with a strong sense of place and high quality of life. Community members are socially active, value healthy living and enjoy access to diverse arts and culture programming, recreation and education opportunities, and resilient infrastructure systems.


Visitors to Kimberley enjoy an increasingly wide range of authentic and memorable experiences that respect, celebrate and build upon our rich heritage, beautiful surroundings, and distinctive character. Community members, businesses and organizations cooperate to deliver unique services, activities and programs that attract visitors in all seasons and convert new visitors to repeat customers and new residents.


Shaped by a culture of innovation, imagination, hard work and hometown pride, Kimberley’s economy is robust and diversified allowing businesses to develop and thrive offering unique products and services to both locals and visitors.  Supported by efficient reliable infrastructure and a collaborative network of advocates and allies, businesses and industries are adaptable to changing trends and new opportunities.


Community members and visitors value clean water, fresh air and the resilient restorative functions of nature. A strong culture of stewardship is demonstrated in our arts, health, recreation, and education programs as well as in the careful design and management of land use and the built environment.


Kimberley’s success is built on rich partnerships and an inclusive cooperative approach to community problem-solving and decision-making. A spirit of supporting each other and working together pervades all aspects of community life.


These priorities are adapted from Kimberley’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) adopted in 2011. The vision, objectives and policies set out in this Official Community Plan reflect and align with the vision and strategies for a sustainable future articulated in the ICSP.