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Building Permits

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Building Permits
Limiting Distance

If you are the registered owner of the property you wish to obtain Building Permit records, you can complete a Property Information Request form. If you are placing you property up for sale, your agent can also request this information with your signature. 

If you are not the property owner, you can request a Freedom of Infomation Request


For more information, please contact Corporate Administration or email  

At present, the status of a Building Permit is only updated periodically, often at the beginning of the month. If you are seeking an immediate update to the status of a Building Permit, please call us at City Hall (250) 427-5311 or e-mail

If you are enquiring about the status of Building Permit that you personally have not submitted or signed for -- or if the permit status states '(Obtain File)' you must submit a Freedom of Information Request to gain access to more information.