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Official Community Plan, Bylaw 2600, 2017

The new Official Community Plan. This Bylaw received 1st Reading at the December 11th , 2017 Regular Meeting of Council

Investment Incentive Program, Bylaw No. 2558, 2016

Tax incentive program, also known as a Revitalization program, to encourage new development and entice the redevelopment of existing infrastructure. For more information, visit

Kimberley Creek Flood Plain Regulation Bylaw No. 2481, 2013

To designate land as flood plain and regulate the development of land that is subject to flooding by Kimberley Creek

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Sign Bylaw No. 2430, 2011

The Sign Bylaw, 2430 regulates the placement of any sign within the community, including business signage and residential signage. A sign is considered anything that advertises a person, place or thing.

Alpine Resort Zoning Bylaw No. 2016, 1999

The Alpine Resort Zoning Bylaw covers the commercial and tourism properties that are related to the Kimberley Ski Resort, including some nearby residential properties.

Zoning Bylaw, 1850, 1994

Zoning Bylaw 1850 covers most of the properties in Kimberley aside from a few in the Kimberley Ski Resort (see Alpine Resort Zoning Bylaw No. 2016). This includes most residential and commercial properties, all industrial and institutional properties and comprehensive development zones